Sunday, July 25, 2010

Got Pinked!

Last night was a rock'n pinked time! Dans family had a Get Pinked! summer party along with a goodbye to Mike who's moving to Atlanta.(I love you Mikey) The entire family came pinked out. We polished fingers pink, striped hair pink, blinged hair pink, shaved heads and mohawked pink and even glitter tattooed pink. I lost my breath just pulling up to Grandmas house at the site of the parking lot parked on her street. Everyone was supporting me in my journey through cancer. WOW! Being loved so much and supported so much is extremely humbling. So many of the guys shaved their heads to support my up and coming hair loss, which started yesterday ironically. And those who didn't quite have the ganas to Bic at least striped their hair pink. Ron was quite the supporter with a breast cancer ribbon shaved into his hair which was be dazzled with pink glitter I might ad. And Sam...crazy guy....he bling pinked his goatee. And Kim even got pinked all the way from California while she was at Disneyland. My boys were so brave to support me too.Keep following so you can see all the fun pictures I'm posting. 


  1. Freaking love it!!!!!!! And I ♥ you!

  2. Wow, the picture says a lot. You have some awesome boys pullin for you honey. Hang in there. Love ya tons!


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