Friday, July 2, 2010

Be your own advocate....YOU

ou know that feeling...the one that just doesn't sit well. Anxious. Gnawing. Unsettled. Something just not quite right. I met with an oncologist a week ago, wasn't the experience I expected to have, especially when the outcome of my very life was in the hands of a medical oncologist. Immediately after his treatment plan was explained, I felt it, just didn't feel quite right. I doubted and I even messed around with denial and thought "maybe I don't have cancer. Maybe I don't have to have chemo. Maybe its all wrong. Really? I have cancer?". Through the gift of being able to attend the Image Reborn cancer retreat, I not only was encouraged by the voice of the young women like myself who were fighting this ugly thing to be my own advocate and get multiple opinions if necessary but I was privileged to have met an oncology nurse from Huntsmans who stepped in and opened a door of alternate possibilities. At 2:00 today I get that second opinion. Feeling anxious as I did when waiting to hear the results of my pathology report after the surgical biopsy. I hate that feeling. 

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