Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Medical Update

Pathology: Hormone Receptor
Hormone Receptor came back. The cancer is being fueled by progesterone and estrogen. I'm being told that's a good thing because in addition to chemo I can be treated with hormones. Now really, do I want my hormones messed with??


  1. so if the cancer is being fed by hormones and they give you hormones aren't they feeding the cancer? sorry I am confused and wondering. (from shelly)

  2. Wend I am glad you found out. I thought it would not be till today. I am SO thankful it a very treatable type of cancer....Tam

  3. Treating cancer with hormones will force my body into menopause so it won't produce estrogen and progesterone. I'm still learning all this stuff so I'll be posting info as I research and learn


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