Monday, August 30, 2010

The gift of the Butterfly Ball

The Butterfly Ball went amazingly well. I feel I did a good job speaking. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I spoke from my heart sharing how my medical treatment changed and gave thanks to those who contributed financially to make Image Reborn retreats possible as well as the medical professionals who made the time available to the women at the retreats.

A few surprises were in store that evening. They asked me to release a box of live butterflies that were dedicated to women who battle cancer. What an honor to be a part of such a sweet and tender moment. How beautiful it was to watch the butterflies dance into the sunset. Later that evening I was given a surprise DVD from a charming guy who worked at Stein Eriksens Lodge who captured on film the release of the butterflies and the sunset that captivated us all. His mother too is battling breast cancer. I hugged him tight with thanks in my heart as well as shared my love to him and his mother. 

A live auction was held after dinner and one of the items was a beautiful black mink and rabbit coat. Again I was surprised and thrilled to be asked to draw the winning number. The crowd cheered in celebration of the win #122! But the applause became more tender as #122 gave me the fur coat. Me? I couldn't believe it. I hugged him tight and with a kiss on his check gave thanks to this kind man. Later he approached me and told me to wear it and think of his wife Gail who passed 3 years ago from breast cancer. What an honor. How humbled. That evening I truly felt like Cinderella, the girl who has much fault and weakness, appeared in the heart of a trial and was honored and loved by everyone in that room. 

Truly I was 

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