Thursday, September 16, 2010

To Radiate or not to Radiate?

I have waited for this day to arrive, not that it was one I was looking forward to, but it finally came. We didn't know  if I was going to have to undergo radiation and today we met with a radiologist. When I was first diagnosed my surgeon and first oncologist told us chemo would be necessary but no radiation. When I transfered my care to Huntsmans Cancer Institute, we told my oncologist that we were under the impression that radiation wasn't necessary, he wasn't so sure he agreed with that.

We met with Dr. Kokeny, Radiologist, this morning and discussed the need for radiation. After meeting with her we decided it would be necessary and in my best health care interest to take all medical precautions to treat my cancer so that it won't come back. Approximately 2 weeks after my last chemo treatment (3 left BTW), I will start radiation...6 weeks, 5 days a week. We anticipate increased fatigued with skin trauma anywhere from sunburned skin to pigmentation. Mid December I should be done with radiation. 2-3 months after radiation is complete I will finally be able to start my breast reconstruction - hallelujah

I just cant wait to get this wicked expander out of my chest! 

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